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Biblical Leadership: A Shallow Dive into Jesus' Leadership in the Gospel of Mark

In a wide and diverse world where leadership styles and approaches vary significantly, there is a consistent model of leadership to be found in Jesus who is the greatest leader of all time. As Christians, we frequently turn to the Bible for guidance in all aspects of life, and when it comes to leadership, Jesus Christ is the perfect example.

Humility in Leadership

In the tenth chapter of Mark's Gospel, verse 45, Jesus makes a statement that has reverberated through the ages, "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." This encapsulates the essence of Jesus's humility and selflessness, which are bedrock traits of his leadership style. Unlike many leaders past and present who seek to be served, Jesus made the revolutionary choice to serve others, thereby setting a standard for all leaders to follow. His humility was a magnet to the crowds, making him approachable and trustworthy. Servant Leadership

The concept of servant leadership, as exemplified by Jesus, marks a significant departure from the traditional top-down leadership paradigm. In the ninth chapter of Mark, verse 35, Jesus makes a seemingly paradoxical statement, "If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all." This statement, in its apparent contradiction, underscores the core essence of servant leadership –

A leader should not seek to be served, but should instead be willing to serve his or her followers. Jesus lived out this principle through his actions, washing his disciples' feet, feeding the hungry, ministering to the sick, and ultimately sacrificing his own life for the salvation of humanity.

Compassionate Leadership
Throughout the Gospel of Mark, Jesus consistently exhibits compassion, thereby demonstrating that it is an indispensable attribute of effective leadership. In the sixth chapter of Mark, verse 34, upon seeing a large crowd, Jesus felt compassion for them because they were like sheep without a shepherd. He then began to teach them many things. This shows that a leader should not only guide their followers but also empathize with them. Genuine concern for the well- being of others fosters a positive and supportive environment, which is crucial for growth, productivity, and mutual respect among team members.

The Gospel of Mark presents Jesus as a model of humility, servant leadership, and compassion, three critical qualities that are essential for effective and impactful leadership. These attributes made Jesus not only respected but also loved by those who followed him. They saw in him a leader who was not detached from their struggles but was instead one who shared in their experiences. As we strive to be better leaders in our respective spheres, let us take heed of the example set by Jesus, the greatest leader of all time, who led not from a throne or an ivory tower, but from among the people he sought to lead.

Jason Fazel

Women's Ministry

Our Women’s Ministry is thriving. This winter, the Monday Night Bible Study group went through Tony Evans’ “Watch Your Mouth” series. We learned about honoring God with our speech through what we say...or don’t say. Our current Spring study group is using Mark Batterson’s “Whisper” series. God rarely speaks in all caps but more likely to whisper. This requires us to slow down, to make time for solitude, scripture reading, and prayer as he draws us close so we can hear him. We also hosted a 2024 IF:Gathering local in February. Numerous national speakers spoke around the theme, “Because of Jesus.” It was a great time of diving deep into the Word.

Through these meetings we have found a time of connection, of getting to know one another, and the opportunity to support each other in prayer.

Jinx Clark

Torah Club

Greetings from Torah Club!

As we embark on a new season of year, it might be time for your to start a new Bible study! We invite you to visit Torah Club—a vibrant Bible study experience from a Messianic Jewish perspective. This year, we're diving deep into the foundational texts of our faith, exploring the first five books of the Bible.

Starting this October, we'll venture further into our study with a focused exploration of the book of Acts—an journey that will look at the early Church in a new way.
But that's not all! Twice a year, we open our doors to all with a 10-week study called Hayesod, The Foundations—a unique opportunity to delve into the Messianic way of Bible study, laying down solid groundwork for a deeper understanding of God's Word. The next Hayesod class will begin in August. Join us on Sundays at 9:30 AM, as we gather as a church family to learn, grow, and fellowship in class. And for those seeking a wider community, our Wednesday evening sessions at 6:00 PM welcome participants from various local churches, helping us to connect with other believers within our community.

Whether you're a seasoned Bible student or just beginning your spiritual journey, we invite you to come and see if our Torah Club is a good fit for you. Step into a time of learning, fellowship, and discovery as we journey together through the timeless truths of Scripture.

You can find more information at https://ffoz.org/torahclub Or contact John or Dianna Wiebe at church.

We can't wait to see you in class!
John and Di


Family Camp is coming and we have a new camp song to learn and have fun with together! Click here to listen! (https://youtu.be/jasoo3UDSwY?si=Pk0RHbp1cy3sO8z8)

Care Team

I extend gratitude and honor to our Care Team Members. You are the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you for greeting our church people and visitors, extending prayers, sending cards and messages to those with a need, taking meals, and every other way you love on our community, inside and outside the walls of the church.

With Vacation Bible School happening in June, my prayer is that children from the neighborhood of our church will come in droves, and that Sunday they are in our service with their parents! Will you believe for that with me? We will be ready to welcome them with our hospitality, a gift bag, and of course, donuts.

Risa Petrie, Care Team Coordinator

Missions & Outreach

It has been encouraging to see more new faces at church. We hope this trend continues, but not just new faces - renewed hearts and transformed lives. May we as a church body grow into our discipleship path in a way that keeps our hearts alive in the midst of God’s miraculous soul work and leaning heavy on His grace.

Arts Ignite: We stepped out and tried something new! It went well. We learned lots in the process. And we want to give it a shot again next year. Quality engagement happened for attendees, artists, and church folks alike. (Many fell under multiple categories:) Overall attendance was modest but worthwhile. The team of volunteers worked together to make it happen! Keep an eye out for the highlights reel.

Looking beyond our community:
Plans are in the works for a short-term mission trip next Spring - we will begin gathering a team and making preparations for that soon. Stay tuned!
The Griffins and La Rambla team in Uruguay remains thankful for God’s work and our prayers and support during a season of transitions. Be sure to check out the Missions Moment handouts with more info about Alliance Missions and Partnership.


You will notice a change in the format and schedule of our Prayer Guide - please look for these and utilize them to “pray on the same page” together. Let us know your thoughts on which ways you enjoy using them the most.

”...because Jesus lives forever, he has a permanent priesthood. Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them. Such a high priest truly meets our need—one who is holy, blameless, pure, set apart from sinners, exalted above the heavens.“ Hebrews 7:24-26 NIV

Upward Looking,


What can coaching do for you?

Personal Development
How are your personality traits keeping you from growing? How might they help you?

Spiritual Development
What does growing closer to God look like for you?

Ministry Development
What are the next steps for me and my team in growth and productivity?

If any of these interests you, schedule a coaching session by emailing Hannah at office@casperchurch.com

Upcoming Events

Live Your Calling

Starting the end of May we will be facilitating once-a-month conversations on what it means to live your calling according to 2 Peter chapter 1. Learn what a calling is and how to apply a Biblical process for developing it. These will be virtual conversations using the ZOOM platform. For more information contact Hannah at office@casperchurch.com

Leadership In The Bible

For anyone who manages, leads, or desires to lead a team of people. Join a discussion about the complicated nature of leading people. These will be once-a-month ZOOM conversations driven by themes derived from the stories of God growing and leading the Israelite nation. For more information contact Hannah at office@casperchurch.com.

Kris Burd


March was a busy and exciting month for the youth group. The students kicked off the month by completing a service project helping out at Rescued Treasures. We had such a great turn out of volunteers, that we had to split up between both East and West side locations!

Towards the end of March, we took a group of students down to Colorado Springs for Ignite Youth Leadership Conference. It was a weekend full of worship, prayer, inspiring speakers (including comedian Bob Smiley), quality time together road-trippin in the van & singing songs/playing games at the Airbnb. And before heading back to Casper, we were able to make a quick trip to Garden of the Gods for a bit of exercise & sight seeing.

As far as Wednesday nights go, we are continuing to work our way through the Gospel of John, but - come June - we will take a break for the summer. We do have some fun events and activities planned throughout the summer months....One of which is a youth team project for Love Your City. Stay tuned, a flyer with summer youth event dates/times will be coming out soon!

Kim Kunckel


VBS for PreK-3rd grade and Adventure Camp for 4th- 7th will June 10-13 from 9:00-11:30 each day.
We can’t wait! Invite your neighbors and friends and let’s have a great time together!

Click here to register for VBS (https://vbspro.events/p/b3c560)
Click here to register for Adventure Camp (https://subspla.sh/6jgr7qw/)

Small Group - Encouragement 101

Encouragement 101 meets Wednesday evenings at 6:30 in the Gathering Room. We engage with various scriptures and topics, followed by a time of prayer.

Here is the summer time schedule:

May 8 - not meeting
May 15 - at the church
May 22 - not meeting
May 29 - joining church family bowling
June 5 - not meeting
June 12 - BBQ at Bartosh’s
June 19 - not meeting
June 26 - at the church
July 3 - not meeting
July 10 - at the church
July 17 - not meeting
July 24 - at the church
July 31 - not meeting
August 7 - BBQ
August 14 - not meeting
August 21 - at the church
August 28 - not meeting

On Going Events

If you are looking for ways to plug in, here is a broad overview of a week at Casper Alliance:

9:15 Prayer
9:30 Torah Club
9:45 Sunday School (all ages)
11:00 Worship Hour

6:30 Women's Bible Study (parts of the year-email for schedule)

6:00 Torah Club
6:30 Encouragement 101 Small Group
6:30 Youth
6:30 KidsMinistry

7:00 Men’s Breakfast/Bible Study

There are monthly events and other events and opportunities beyond these as well. Go to “CasperChurch.com” and click events to see what is coming up.

Casper Alliance Church Leadership

Pastor - Jason Fazel - jasonf@casperchurch.com

Elders - John Wiebe - john.wiebe.85@gmail.com
Mark Ayen - wyohiwayman@gmail.com
Brad Johnson - bjohn52059@gmail.com
Aaron Kudlak - avckudlak@msn.com
Scott McLean - martian62@yahoo.com
Scott Thorne - thornesnc123@gmail.com

Board - Larry Ash - 307-258-9905
Anita Walker - anitawalk93@gmail.com
Davian Herbig - davian74@hotmail.com

Discipleship - Mark Ayen - wyohiwayman@gmail.com

Small group - Andy and Pam - nbartosh_wy@charter.net
Torah Club - John & Dianne - thescribes@protonmail.com

Youth - Kim Kunckel - kimberly.kunckel@gmail.com
Kids - church office - office@casperchurch.com
Mens - Jason Fazel - jasonf@casperchurch.com
Womens - Jinx Clark - jinxce@gmail.com

Care - Risa Petrie - risapetrie@gmail.com
Finance - Mark Ayen - wyohiwayman@gmail.com

Adult SS - Mark Ayen - wyohiwayman@gmail.com
Elementary - Zak Wiebe - ztwin32@gmail.com
Preschool - Christine Thorne - thornesnc@charter.net

Missions - Marie Scott - the.mariescott@gmail.com
Worship - Hannah Burd - hdburd@icloud.com

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