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Welcome to August's Leadership Newsletter -
a place to hear the heart and thoughts of leaders in our church.
The Importance of Follow-Through in Leadership
Leadership goes beyond simply envisioning and devising grand plans; it involves the critical mission of ensuring the realization of those plans. Follow-through is foundational to effective leadership. Leadership must be wholly committed in their dedication to carry out tasks, achieve objectives, and uphold commitments. Without follow-through, leadership becomes incomplete, resulting in the inability to instill confidence and trust within team members and the church community.
One of the primary reasons why follow-through is vital in leadership is that it builds trust. When a leader consistently delivers on promises and meets deadlines, it demonstrates reliability and integrity. Trust is the foundation of any thriving relationship, and in the context of leadership, it is essential for motivating and inspiring team members to give their best efforts. At Casper Alliance Church one of our core values is “Without meaningful relationships we are wrecked.” A leader who follows through on commitments fosters a key focus of our church life and family.
Leaders may have visionary ideas, but unless they take concrete actions to implement those ideas, they remain mere dreams. I know this all too well. I love to live in “vision-land” regularly dreaming of what could be or where we could go as a church. Follow-through isn’t natural for me in leadership. This is why it is crucial for me to be thinking about and creating systems and teams to help accomplish the mission of Casper Alliance Church. By ensuring that plans are executed effectively and efficiently, leaders bridge the gap between vision and reality. The act of following through on objectives instills discipline and a sense of purpose within the team, leading to better alignment and focus.
Follow-through also plays a critical role in maintaining momentum and overcoming challenges. Every leadership journey faces obstacles and setbacks, but leaders who persevere and stay committed to their goals inspire their teams to do the same. Such leaders act as role models, demonstrating resilience and determination in the face of adversity, which motivates team members to keep moving forward even when the going gets tough.
Pray that we all can be leaders who are working to Follow-Through

Hello All,
The Governing Board meets every month to discuss Church business and make decisions about the business aspects of operating a Church. Directly after the general business meeting, there is an Elders meeting to shepherd the fight forward to accomplish the work of Jesus. For the last 18 months I have been privileged to attend and have input in the business meetings. During that time I am pleased to report that I have witnessed a Board that is dedicated to providing the kind of Governance that should make us all proud. The first 30 minutes of each meeting, roughly from 6:00 to 6:30 pm, have been dedicated to business reports from the Pastor, Treasurer and Business office. The general congregation has been invited to attend this part of the meeting to provide transparency in all things financial. Very few members have availed themselves of this opportunity, but the offer stands. We want everyone to be informed and comfortable about how we utilize church resources and I encourage everyone interested to attend.
I have previously mentioned that a camera system would be installed on the Church grounds. There are now 12 Cameras active with at least 4 more to be added. We have reasonable coverage outside on the front, the back, and the eastern courtyard. On the inside, most of the interior hallways are covered. The camera locations were planned by the school district and concentrate on building entrances. We still have some work to do to cover the west courtyard and the parking lots. The next cameras will be dedicated to the Children ministry rooms and the adult Sunday school room. The Children ministry cameras are to protect the children and the ministry workers. The adult Sunday school room camera is just to capture some truly epic discussions that have been happening from 9:45 to 10:45 on a Sunday mornings.
As always if you have any questions or concerns about the cameras or business meetings please contact me or any board member.
Thank you,
Larry Ash

Small Group:
Encouragement 101 strives to dig deep into the Words of Life, pray at a more intimate level, and encourage one another!
Encouragement 101 meets on Wednesday evenings at the church in the "Gathering Room" (southeast hall).  6:30-7:30.
All are welcome!
During the month of August, they will meet on the 9th and 23rd.  After that, they will meet weekly.
Pam & Andy, Steve & Joy

The Holy Spirit is often the least considered member of the Trinity of God.  During our lives as Christians, He encourages and convicts us throughout the course of life.  It is that still small voice or  the smack upside our head at times.
As Christians, we sometimes think we need to tell others how to live their lives. We know a better way, but do we consider that we are actually interfering with the work of the Holy Spirit?
Yes, sometimes He asks us to talk to others if they are hurting others or themselves. Galatians 6:1 "Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness.  Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted." Note the “you who are spiritual” part. We need to do this after much prayer and taking inventory in our own lives before we approach others!
More often, the Holy Spirit asks us to be the encouragement that others need. The same prayer and introspection apply to this task as well!
The point is we need to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit not take over His job!!
May the Lord richly bless you as you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit!
Scott McLean

What's happening:
We had a ton of fun at our Mike Sedar pool party on July 12th! Hope to make that an annual event!
Our next summer get together was a nacho and game night on Wednesday August 2nd
Prayer requests:
Physical safety of our students as we’re all more active during the summer.
What are we excited about:
Watching the youth cultivate their relationship with their Heavenly Father.
What is difficult:
Social pressures
What do we want the church to know:
We hope to plan/organize/execute a community service project in the near future.

It's time to be honest for a minute. Sometimes leading a new venture is hard. When the rubber meets the road and growing needs to happen it gets uncomfortable. But Jesus didn't say "Come follow me. I will make you fishers of men...only if it's comfortable" or "Go into the world and make disciples...unless it gets hard, then nevermind." Right? So when plans don't just fall into place, or a difference of opinion arises, or logistics get sticky...I have to learn to bend. Surrender it all again and remember that God builds the house - and that is the way I want it.
So, pray for Missions & Outreach at Casper Alliance Church. Pray about how you can be involved in spreading the Good News nearby and to the ends of the earth - for instance, Uruguay! It's nearly the end of the world down on the edge of the continent to our South! Truly, pray for this process of growing a successful partnership. I see such potential there for beautiful connections and a chance to be included in some holy watering and harvesting. Just wait, you will fall in love too, the more you see and engage. Pray for clear direction, timing, and direction each step of the way. Come to one of the Missions Lunches (see announcements). Pray for God's work there to be fruitful and for His financial provision. I look forward to discussing some of these details with you during our time together then.
And pray for the M&O Team - for the current members (who are awesome-sauce) and for others to grow the team to increase our potential for impact. Maybe that's you. Pray that we will stay prayerful and work well together as God has designed us to do. And pray for me, please, to persevere not in promoting my own idea of what should happen but in what the Lord wants. Because it is His mission! HIS Kingdom come, not mine. I'm thankful for the chance to participate.

Development Questions:
The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty. Proverbs 27:1
Forward movement isn’t generally complicated, but it is hard. More often than not it doesn’t require more education, more money, or more skill. What is needed most is time. And that time needs to be taken from somewhere, which requires a sacrifice.  That’s the hardest part:  the sacrifice. 80% (a statistic means it must be true) of the battle for development is setting aside the time. Do that, be diligent with it, and watch the profit.
What do you want to develop? What time is needed for that? What is worth sacrificing for that time?

Opportunities from the Coaching Ministry:
Live Your Calling - I am currently creating a series on helping people find and live out their calling. If your are interested in becoming more confident and capable in God’s call on your life, as well as being a guinea pig for me, come talk to me about the details of this coaching course.

Discovery Course Small Group - We are wanting to take the discovery course methods and create further encouragement through a small group format. If you are interested into digging deeper with Strengths, Spiritual Disciplines, and Spiritual Gifts in a small group, let us know.

Ministry Team Coaching - Team coaching is happening! These meetings are tailored to help take your team to the next level. Whether it is clarity of vision, defining roles, planning for the future, or communication, we can help you in the process.

Strengths Coaching - Have you taken the Clifton Strengths Assessment? Are you interesting in developing your strengths more? Schedule an hour with me and walk a way with more understanding about your particular strengths and questions to help further your strengths development journey.

Could your business use a coach? While it is my joy to offer coaching as a free ministry within our church, you may not know that I also do paid for coaching outside our church as well. One of my joys is to help leaders use biblical principles to develop teams and individuals within the companies they work for. If you are interested in having a coach for your business, and spreading Biblical principles in a non-religious way, let me know.

As our fiscal year is October through September, it's time to start working on the 2024 budget. By the time you read this, Hannah and Department heads should have all the information needed to formulate next year's budget requests.
We've been talking and praying about becoming debt free. We currently owe $259,000 on the building mortgage. If you would like to give to the mortgage principal, you can do that online or via check. Designate "mortgage" and the amount will go straight to principal.
Next month's newsletter should be full of giving and spending data. Until then...

Worship is.......
Our visceral response to the presence of a holy God -Aaron
Penned words and notes that express the cry of my heart -Pam
The best response to any circumstance and something we need to be doing every day -Mark
Authentic adoration, the only fitting response to an encounter with the One True God, and multifaceted -Marie
Our honest and real heart given and opened up to God, our battle to make his name great, and  encouragement to our fellow believers that they are not alone in the fight -Leah
My hearts response to and reaction to who my Lord is -Shari
Our spirit’s response to the overwhelming blessing from the Holy Sprint -Scott

Care Team:
What God-given gifts are suitable for serving on the Care Team? Let’s dive in.
Are you merciful? Hospitable? Gracious? Have a great smile and warm handshake?
There are other gifts/talents you may not think of when it comes to Care Team volunteering:
Know how to cook or grab a to go order?
Having driving skills?
A flair for decorating?
Got muscles to move chairs and tables?
These skills are vital to the Care Team!
Everyone in our church can do SOMETHING to be sure a new guest is welcomed warmly, to prepare for our occasional church events, or make sure a family has dinner in their time of need.
Please take a moment to fill out the attached survey. Your “small” talent will make an eternal difference. (Don’t fear, there’s even an “opt out” option.) Please click to take the survey now.

In His Service,

Risa Petrie


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