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In the journey of spiritual leadership, the power of storytelling and the significance of foundational events hold immense importance. One such narrative that encapsulates profound lessons and timeless truths is found in the Gospel of Mark. As we embark on the journey of preaching through Mark's Gospel, we not only delve into the life and teachings of Jesus but also illuminate the path toward Easter, the pinnacle of the Christian faith. In this article, we will explore the leadership opportunities presented by preaching through Mark and the unparalleled significance of Easter in guiding and inspiring both leaders and congregations.

Unveiling the Riches of Mark's Gospel:
Mark's Gospel offers a unique lens through which to view the life, ministry, and teachings of Jesus Christ. As leaders, we are called to delve deep into this narrative, mining its rich treasures to illuminate the path of discipleship for our congregations. Mark presents Jesus as the suffering servant, the embodiment of humility and sacrifice, whose ultimate mission culminates in the redemptive act of Easter. Preaching through Mark allows us to paint a vivid portrait of Jesus, inviting our congregations to walk alongside him, witnessing his miracles, teachings, and unwavering commitment to the Father's will.

The Urgency of the Gospel:
One of the distinguishing features of Mark's Gospel is its sense of urgency. The narrative moves swiftly, capturing the rapid pace of Jesus' ministry as he demonstrates his authority over sickness, nature, and even death itself. As leaders, we are called to embody this urgency in our leadership, compelling our congregations to respond to the transformative message of the Gospel. Just as Jesus urged his disciples to follow him without hesitation, we too must challenge our church family to embrace the call to discipleship with unwavering commitment and zeal.

At the heart of Mark's Gospel lies the profound significance of Easter—the triumph of light over darkness, life over death. Easter serves as the ultimate culmination of Jesus' earthly ministry, the fulfillment of God's redemptive plan for humanity. As leaders, we have the privilege and responsibility of proclaiming this message of hope and salvation. Easter reminds us that no matter how daunting the challenges we face may seem, the power of God's love is greater still, offering forgiveness, renewal, and the promise of eternal life.

As we lead our congregations through the Easter season, we are called to embody the transformative power of the resurrection in our lives and ministries. Just as Jesus emerged from the tomb, victorious over sin and death, we too are called to rise above the trials and tribulations of this world, embracing the new life and hope that Easter brings. I hope the preaching and leadership at Casper Alliance Church preaching reflects this transformative reality, inspiring our congregation to live as Easter people, boldly proclaiming the Good News of salvation to all.


From “The Dream of the Rood”
Anglo-Saxon, 8th century, trans. Richard Hammer (1970) The earliest Christian poem in English

The Rood (cross of Christ) speaks:

“It was long past – I still remember it –
That I was cut down at the copse’s end,
Moved from my root. Strong enemies there took me, Told me to hold aloft their criminals,
Made me a spectacle. Men carried me
Upon their shoulders, set me on a hill,
A host of enemies there fastened me.

“And then I saw the Lord of all mankind Hasten with eager zeal that He might mount Upon me. I durst not against God’s word
Bend down or break, when I saw tremble all The surface of the earth. Although I might Have struck down all the foes, yet stood I fast.

“Then the young hero (who was God almighty) Got ready, resolute and strong in heart.
He climbed onto the lofty gallows-tree,
Bold in the sight of many watching men, When He intended to redeem mankind.

I trembled as the warrior embraced me.
But still I dared not bend down to the earth, Fall to the ground. Upright I had to stand.

“A rood I was raised up; and I held high
The noble King, the Lord of heaven above.
I dared not stoop. They pierced me with dark nails; The scars can still be clearly seen on me,

The open wounds of malice. Yet might I
Not harm them. They reviled us both together.
I was made wet all over with the blood
Which poured out from his side, after He had
Sent forth His spirit. And I underwent
Full many a dire experience on that hill.
I saw the God of hosts stretched grimly out. Darkness covered the Ruler’s corpse with clouds His shining beauty; shadows passed across,
Black in the darkness. All creation wept,
Bewailed the King’s death; Christ was on the cross....

“Now you may understand, dear warrior,
That I have suffered deeds of wicked men And grievous sorrows. Now the time has come That far and wide on earth men honor me, And all this great and glorious creation,
And to this beacon offers prayers. On me
The Son of God once suffered; therefore now I tower mighty underneath the heavens,
And I may heal all those in awe of me.
Once I became the cruelest of tortures,
Most hateful to all nations, till the time
I opened the right way of life for men.”

Care Team:
Our prayer continues for the Lord to bring unchurched and transplanted visitors to CAC. It’s been refreshing to see so many visitors at our Sunday services. Thank you to those who are faithfully inviting others into our fellowship. Please introduce your guests to the greeter at the door! Your part in making sure the Care Team is aware of new people is important. We want to bless them with a welcome bag and gather contact info so Jason can connect with them.

Along with greeting church family and visitors, the work of the Care Team includes other tasks such as sending cards for celebrations and sympathy, providing meals for families when there is a need, and supporting with church functions like baby/bridal showers and funerals. A primary function of the Care Team Ministry is preparing for all church meals.

Our Easter Breakfast is right around the corner! We are seeking volunteers to decorate beforehand, help with set up on Easter, and clean up afterwards. A sign-up sheet will be at the Greeters Table (where you get your bulletin) inside the church doors.

Feel led to volunteer with the Care Team? Connect with me!

In His Service,
Risa Petrie
Care Team Coordinator

Missions & Outreach:
The M&O Team has entered a new season of growth and clarity, God is good! So much has happened in a couple years in the process of launching intentional Missions & Outreach endeavors, now we are moving from infant to toddler stage. One piece of exciting news is that we would like to welcome our newest member to the team - the one and only Margaret Bloom! Thank you Margaret for saying yes and learning with us as we go.

Coming up:
Prayer Opp - We invite you to join in a special time of prayer during the first 3 Wednesdays of March at 6pm. Outreach Opp - Arts Ignite preparations are underway! In order for the event to be a success it will need to be a group effort. There are several ways to participate (many of them simple:), let us know here how you’re interested in helping make it a great event: thanks much!

Over the next year we would like to have more conversations with folks serving on various ministry teams about connection points where our ministry overlaps - where an event or program has an outreach or missions element, or outreach feeds into another ministry. Feel free to initiate those conversations as you feel inspired. Let’s work together. Let’s see what God does!

Marie Scott

What can coaching do for you?

Personal Development -
start working on that that is keeping you from growing

Spiritual Development -
how can you grow closer to God?

Ministry Development - get help with organizational communication, management, productive meetings, or anything else your team might need work on

Discovery Course coming in April!

What is Discovery Course?
Discover your unique strengths and talents, how to use them in spiritual disciplines, and spiritual gifts.

Discovery Course Schedule:
Sunday, April 7 - Workshop at 5:00pm
Sunday, April 14 - Class during the Sunday School hour Sunday, April 21 - Class during the Sunday School hour Sunday, April 28 - Class during the Sunday School hour Sunday, May 5 - Class during the Sunday School hour
Sunday, May 5 - Workshop to wrap up at 5:00pm

Connect with Kris (
or Hannah ( for any question and much more information.

We are continuing to work through the Gospel of John this semester, using the Rooted Reservoir curriculum. Our leaders have been doing a superb job engaging the students with interactive games and lessons. It is very exciting and encouraging to see some new faces joining us on Wednesday nights. Please be praying for these individuals - that they will be eager to come back & learn more about developing a relationship with Jesus.

The students have been anxious to do a service project this quarter & we are looking forward to serving at one of the Rescued Treasures locations. There are many things to do & different tasks to accomplish, so there is a lot of opportunity for us to serve in a variety of ways.

Please be praying for the leaders and students who will be traveling down to Colorado Springs for Ignite Youth Leadership the weekend of March 22nd-24th. Pray for safe travels & good weather, pray for the safety of each student attending the conference & pray for open hearts to hear/apply what God wants each of us to learn.


KidsMinistry is available on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30 and Sundays from 11:15-12:15 (dismissed during the service). Nursery, PreK, and Elementary is offered. The kids and teachers spend the hour learning a trait of God’s, doing a craft of some variety, and a game that runs off some energy. It is rewarding to hear the kids think through the lesson and connect the dots of what is being taught. What a privilege to speak of Jesus and teach him to the next generation!

We also have awesome Sunday School teachers who, week after week, teach the Bible and impart love for the Scriptures and for God. Sunday School begins at 9:45.

If you have any questions or needs with KidsMin, reach out to Hannah at

Small Group-Encouragement 101:
Encouragement 101 is a small group that meets Wednesday nights at the church. The purpose of the group is to “encourage one another, and so much the more as we see the day approaching”.

Looking in the rear view mirror, we enjoyed a potluck at the church on Valentine’s Day.
We continue to meet Wednesday nights at 6:30 in the Gathering Room. We engage with various Scriptures and topics followed by a time of prayer.

Andy Bartosh

On Going:
If you are looking for ways to plug in, here is a broad overview of a week at Casper Alliance:

9:15 Prayer
9:30 Torah Club
9:45 Sunday School (all ages)
11:00 Worship Hour

6:30 Women's Bible Study (parts of the year-email for schedule)

6:00 Torah Club
6:30 Encouragement 101 Small Group
6:30 Youth
6:30 KidsMinistry

7:00 Men’s Breakfast/Bible Study

There are monthly events and other events and opportunities beyond these as well. Go to “” and click events to see what is coming up.

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