Advent #1 - Hope

We talked hope this last week.  I've added my sermon notes for your reference.  There are a handful of references I would encourage you to look up.  

Illogical Hopeful
Isaiah 9:1-11 & Isaiah 11:1-11 & Matthew 1:1-17

Where we are going
We will spend the next few weeks looking at the prophet Isaiah and some Gospel passages. Each will correspond to our advent wreath and candle lighting.   Isaiah is repeatedly speaking of the Messiah, reminding the people of Israel to remember what the Lord has promised and to continue to look to Jehovah for the Messiah.  

Big Idea: The arrival of Messiah brings illogical hope to those who believe.

I’d like to do a little journey through some Old Testament passages to help build a framework of the larger picture of the messiah.  I think this will help us understand why hope is such a crucial component of the arrival of the Messiah.  

March through Scripture

Genesis 12 - The promise to Abraham

2 Samuel 7 - The promise to David

Isaiah 6:8-13 -  The Holy seed - A stump remains

Isaiah 7:10-14 - Immanuel is coming

Isaiah  9:1-11 - For unto us a child is born

Isaiah 11:1-11 - The stump of Jesse - The seed is about to bloom - The Spirit in on Him

Through slavery, despair, wandering, punishment, exile, and beyond God has regularly reminded His people that His provision, plan, redemption, and Messiah are coming.

This gives the people of God who had faith and illogical hope
Isaiah has been given this prophecy to the people hope in a dark time
Isaiah was given this prophecy to remind the people of the covenants God made with them.  

Isaiah 9:1-11

Giver of wonderful counsel
His rule will be with power and authority
Eternal reign from age to age
Peace will be felt
His kingdom will expand
Darkness will be removed by a great light
Mishpat will be the sign of his kingdom
The Lord’s love and zeal is the catalyst

Isaiah 11:1-11

The seed - The stump - from the line of David the Messiah will come
God is the actor - His spirit is on the Messiah
Mishpat will be on everything he touches
The world will be turned upside down
The empty tomb is the Good News that the Messiah has come

Isaiah 40:1-1 & 25-31

The Word of the Lord brings illogical hope to His people and the Nations.  
The Lord does not grow weary
Those that wait have renewed strength, which produces hope

When we are in a place of despair we need to be reminded that was told to us is true - this is why I preach the Gospel every Sunday.  This one of the reasons Matthew starts out his Gospel with a genealogy.  It is a reminder - that facts - that you/they should be hopeful

Matthew 1:1-17

Something has happened and I want to show you that you are not wrong.

The enemy of hope is. . .  What is causing you to lose hope

Frankly the world will often say - What do you have to be hopeful about?

Hebrews 6:13-20 - Is your anchor Jesus

When we look around, read the news, or talk to someone at the store, it is easy to feel the pressure of this world.  We feel the pressure of the mortgage, the pressure of relationships, and the oppression of sin, but we know that we aren’t designed to be permanently stuck in this pressure cooker of life.  We have been given illogical hope through Jesus that should turn our worlds upside down.

Big Idea:  The arrival of the Messiah brings an illogical hope to those who believe

This illogical hope gives peace to the people who are war with themselves and the world
This illogical hope gives purpose to the people who are lost
This illogical hope gives life to the people who are dead in their sins
This illogical hope gives a plan to the people who wander aimlessly
This illogical hope gives comfort to the people who have been hurt
This illogical hope gives faith-filled memories to the people who need to be renewed
This illogical hope gives joy to those who are mourning
This illogical hope gives strength to those who are weak
This illogical hope gives sight to those who are blind

You know who is hopeful almost all the time - a child

Matthew 19:14-15

Children are filled with hopeful qualities
Wonder, openness to people, delight in living, curiosity of creation, true remorse, and on and on

In a season that promotes hope are living illogical.  Is your hope in Jesus to large that you live in a way that is BONKERS to the people around you?  

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