June Leadership Newsletter

Leading with Transparency: Enhancing Church Communication

I understand that email can often become burdensome and take up a significant portion of your time. So why should we contribute to the incessant flow of church-related emails?

Allow me to provide you with two compelling reasons:

With two decades of experience in church leadership, I have come to realize that leadership is a challenging endeavor, and the concept of transparency is rarely embraced. My intention is to employ a monthly leadership newsletter/email as a means to foster actionable goals, accountability, and an understanding of our ministry. This newsletter will be a collaborative effort, with contributions from all our team leaders. The objective is for you to be well-informed about the happenings at The Casper Alliance Church, not only in terms of activities but also the underlying thought processes. We expect our leaders to contemplate the objectives of their respective ministries. Ultimately, we aim to eliminate any ambiguity regarding our actions and their purpose within the church. I firmly believe that this approach will strengthen our sense of community.

I urge you not to delete the email hastily. Instead, take some time to read its contents. Perhaps you will discover an event worth inviting your neighbor to, or find a ministry team that you would like to join. I believe that by simply reading the "Leadership Newsletter," you will gain greater confidence in the direction of our church.


What are the Elders up to? We have been doing a lot of learning, and growing, and praying. As we have spent time together we are acutely aware of the many needs of the Casper Alliance family. As a body we have so many people who are struggling with their health, their marriages, relationships, children, money, and the list goes on, so we really want to lead the body in struggling together through our hope in Jesus. More than anything we want you, the congregation, to know who we are, and that we are here to walk with you no matter what is going on. I would ask that you would please pray for your Elders, that we would be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we lead, and sensitive to the needs of our body. Finally, I would ask that you join us in praying for our church, that we would effectively share the love of Jesus with every person who walks in the door, or who just walks into our life, and pray that we would see people come to faith in Christ through our ministries and our people.

In Him,
Mark Ayen

Opportunities from the Coaching Ministry:

Discovery Course Small Group - We are wanting to take the discovery course methods and create further encouragement through a small group format.  This group is limited.  Currently we are still looking for one married couple and one male to complete it.

Ministry Team Coaching - Team coaching is happening!  These meetings are tailored to help your team develop from where you are.  Whether it is clarity of vision, defining roles, planning for the future, or communication, we can help you in the process.

Development Question:

Since Eve ate the forbidden fruit, discontentment has continued to undermine our connection with God.  
What area of discontentment distracts you from faith in God?
If you were completely content in life, how would that change how you relate with God?

Kris Burd

What’s happening:
VBS June 12-15,
Decorating June 11th (all hands-on deck would be great!)
Summer vacation for all of KM July / August.
Have a great summer!

Prayer Requests:
Station leaders carry a greater prep requirement in VBS, please pray for endurance for excellence on top of already busy lives. Surround us in prayer for everyone that is teaching and serving for VBS.

Excited about:
VBS is a week full of fun and excitement.

What’s difficult:
Sharing Jesus in new and innovative ways as a church is a very long week for all that are serving.

What I want the church to know:
KM has a pivotal role in its success as part of this
awesome group.

** if you have anything at home that resembles SPACE TRAVEL/SPACE and we can borrow it, please let us know! **

Lynn Johnson

Our Monday night Women's Bible Study just wrapped up a six week session on heaven. We realized that we are not so good at living "in light" of heaven. We tend to focus on this earthly life rather than on our future with Jesus. We can hardly imagine what Jesus is preparing for us. But we hope to remind each other of the reality of heaven when the challenges we face drag us down.  "And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” Revelation 21: 3-4

Jinx Clark

What’s happening:
This past spring semester, students went through 10 lessons of Gospel Foundations using the Rooted Reservoir curriculum.

What’s coming up:
Students requested that we continue to meet/hang out over the summer.

Prayer requests:
That the Holy Spirit will lead/guide/direct the students in these challenging social times.

What we are excited about:
Summer fun/schedules

What is difficult:
youth room was vandalized/windows were broken/things were stolen

What I want our church to know:
Youth has expanded/grown enough that we will more than likely be having junior high meet separate from senior high come this fall

Kim Kunckel

As the Missions & Outreach Team has been taking shape over this last year and a half, we’ve seen God establish some new ministry as well as encourage more of the existing. Embrace Grace has been launched and the first season will be wrapping up with the June 3rd baby shower for Summer and their baby girl! We pray that continues for many seasons to come. If you’re interested in helping out going forward let Genae Herbig know

Leslie Hall has stepped down from the M&O Team after taking a job that will require much more of her time & energy and will also continue her outreach in various ways. Our thanks to her for her time in the team and God’s blessing on new ventures.

Kim and I returned home from the Vision Trip in Uruguay about a month ago, and were greatly impacted by our time there. We love the team of IWs and what God’s doing in Montevideo and beyond! It was fun to share a bit about the trip at the lunch presentation. We and Pastor Jason have since been in touch with the Griffins and are prayerfully working out a plan for partnership. Already as a church we have begun (and can more) praying and offering encouragement for them and the ministry happening there. Financial support has also begun. On June 7th there will be a dinner with more information about partnership with Uruguay missions ~ we hope everyone will join for a chance to learn more and be involved ~ please reply with the number of people you plan to attend so we can plan for food!
It has been an honor and joy to serve on the Missions & Outreach Team thus far and it’s exciting looking ahead at what more God might do. If it’s on your heart to be more involved let me know. There will be room on the team for more as we move forward!

Jesus is our Solution,
Marie Scott

Hello all,

I have been requested to contribute to this inaugural email from your church leaders to the members in general.

I sit on the Board as a general member representing the entire membership and have been asked to briefly discuss what the Board has been up to lately.  While there have been a number of routine discussions that are somewhat mundane, the majority of our time has been spent on the safety and security.

You can expect to see an evolving landscape on how we ensure that our youth are always safe and encouraged to grow.  This has been an ongoing process, and we all should thank Lynn Johnson and the Children's Ministry leaders for their diligent attention to this important effort.

You may be aware that the church building has been the site of some vandalism recently.  This has highlighted the importance of upgrading our perimeter and internal security systems.

I will be installing an extensive camera system in and around the building in the next few weeks.  Please be aware that before long you will be on camera when approaching the building and when walking in the halls.  These cameras also have voice recording capabilities, so some conversations in the halls might be recorded.  Ensuring appropriate privacy will be a priority.  If anyone has any concerns or is just curious, please contact me, and I will be glad to discuss this implementation with you.

Larry Ash

Our Worship Team has gone through a lot of transition the past 6 months!  We had several members step up and lead to help me as I went through some health problems.  I have witnessed some beautiful strengths come out in everyone who is so faithful to lead worship with me and am deeply grateful for each of them.  We learned a lot about each other during that stretch!  

As we look to the future, we are filled with passion to worship well and to help lead our church into that time together in a way that is meaningful.  Our hearts stay focused on the great worth of God.  "Why do I worship, why do I praise, and why do I lift up my voice? When I see my Savior who died in my place, I cannot help but rejoice!" (Dennis Jernigan).  He is worthy, and we strive to do well and to honor him in song and worship.

We are looking forward to Family Camp!!  It is a blast to lead worship in that setting. Mountains, friends, music, and Jesus - what more could you want?

Thank you for the privilege of leading worship. We are so thankful to have that place in our Body.

Hannah Burd

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