Discovery Course
Each of us has unique perspectives and approaches in life.

How you see the world, what you're good at, and what you struggle with are uniquely you. The Discovery Course process takes those individual pieces and helps you walk in deeper understanding and relationship with God, equipping you to engage the local church in a satisfying way.

Join us in exploring discipliship through a three-fold process, intended to be worked through in the following order:

Through a Clifton's Strength Finders Workshop, you will dive deep into how you naturally think, feel, and behave. Clifton's Strength Finders uses a decades-proven assessment to help you better understand the filters through which you see the world.

Through a four-week class on Spiritual Disciplines, you will look at prayer, worship, and Bible reading with the unique perspectives offered by Clifton's Strengths.

Through a Spiritual Gifts Workshop, you will explore how God has gifted you as a believer and how to develop those gifts - by way of Strengths and Spiritual Disciplines - as you plug into your local church.

contact Hannah to get registered for the next course starting April 7, 2024