It's time

YOBL - Year of Biblical Literacy

2022 will be the Year of Biblical Literacy at Casper Alliance Church. Our desire is to see the church grow in knowledge, understanding, and competency in the Bible. Our corporate and personal Biblical literacy is critical to carrying out the mission of the Church – not just at Casper Alliance, but The Global Church as well.
Our hope is that every age group will be able to communicate with confidence the Story of God through writing, storytelling, discussion questions, and personal conversations. The Story of God through the scriptures is a continuous thread pointing to Jesus the Messiah. We will explore these threads in 2022 in various times and formats – Sunday morning Talks, Sunday School, The Invite, a reading plan, workshops, specific discipleship classes, special gatherings, and so much more. We look forward to building this foundation together.

Current Thread - Hebrews

If Biblical literacy is so important we need to start where Biblical starts - The Bible.  We in our third thread working the our Year of Biblical Literacy.  This thread is all about establishing a Kingdom. Every Kingdom has a king.  Who is our king?  Maybe we see ourselves as the king.  In God's Story He proves Himself as King.  Let's explore the thread of Kingdoms together.  

Monthly dive into more content

The Year of Biblical Literacy is more than a Sunday morning experience.  There will be new content monthly to take some of the conversation we are having throughout the church just a bit deeper.  Sometimes it will be videos with downloads and others times it could be a course or a lecture.  Take the opportunity to go deeper in our Origins Thread

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning gatherings will introduce a Biblical thread.  Our Sunday School & teaching during the gathering will emphasize these threads


We will continue to have Sunday night workshops to increase our understanding and knowledge through group discussion and presentation


The world is filled with brilliant Biblical scholars.  Let's learn from the best of the best.  A monthly lecture will be planned on Wednesday nights

Reading Plans

There will be a weekly reading plan sent out to continue to engage in the Story of God.  Biblical Literacy really starts with consuming the Scriptures.  

The Invite

The Invite will be adapted to focus on our theme of Biblical Literacy.  "The Invite" is a tool we use to help you grow spiritually.  

Small Groups

A proven place to grow is in a small group.  We hope that you engage in a small group and begin to grow through the discussions happening within it.